As an artist, I am interested in the body and its relationship or dynamic with physical objects and material that can act as visual queues to internal identity. Through considered interactions between body and material, I investigate how identity can restrict as well as liberate. Using tension and other non-traditional mediums, I am able to express a curiosity in the deconstruction and reconstruction of identity.


“Conscious of the many social contours transecting the body and self, Linda has quite literally built a studio practice on an armature of flesh, metal, latex and rice. Arriving at a time when human social interactions become increasingly disembodied, her materials research connects surface and identity to places deep within the physical self. Employing an investigative process that uses time-based media, her most recent work challenges how we consider the inexplicable motives of objects, subjects, wearer and beholders, makers and artists.

How is it that she does that?
With glue and a camera. ”


-Lesley Duffield